Quality Policy

Latest Medical Technologies and Equipments are of no great value without well-trained staff, a strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control program.

Dr. Jhaveri Pathology Laboratory is served by a dedicated team of specialized and well experienced staff to ensure globally comparable Quality Assurance Standards.

Dr. Jhaveri Pathology Laboratory recruits raw technicians and trains them ground up to ensure that organizational standards of the "best quality assurance" is inculcated right during the formative years.

Further on the Laboratory has three Levels of Quality Control programs with strict Quality Control (within 1 SD).

Level 1 : Internal Q.C.- BIO-RAD Assayed Quality Control.

Level 2 :  External Q.C.- BIO-RAD - EQAS.

Level 3 :  External Q.C.- RANDOX - RIQAS.

For International Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Biochemistry, Hematology & Immunology.

Jhaveri Pathology Laboratory has achieved International Standards comparable to any reputed Laboratory in the world.

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